Movie Review: Cowboys and Aliens

“Cowboys and Aliens” came into theaters July 29, fasci­nating people with its action packed storyline and creative twists. The film made a little over $36 million its opening weekend, beating “The Smurfs” by about $1 million.

The main character, Jake Lonergan (played by Daniel Craig), wakes up in the middle of the desert, and can’t re­member a single thing, well, except for English.

As he fights to remember who he is, he runs into more and more trouble on his way; not just ‘the law’ or your typical ‘bad guys,’ but alien trouble.

Figuring he has nothing to lose, Lonergan puts himself out there to save the many people who were abducted. Not to mention he’s determined to show these ‘outsiders’ that man will not tolerate them, and they will never give up a fight.

This movie was simply fantastic. Major acknowledge­ments have to go to the writers of this screenplay. The place in time was not only creative, but the characters were as well.

Then, of course, with Craig and Harrison Ford (who played Woodrow Dolarhyde) as the two leads, the movie only got better and better as it went along. These actors are not only famous for their performances in previous films, but for their ability to bring their characters to life.

There is also the director, Jon Favreau, and the special effects crew, who also deserve recognition for the major in­fluences they had on the film. The special effects weren’t too flawed, and Favreau planned out the scenes just right.

For any western and/or paranormal fans out there, or just lovers of major