Music Reviews: Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am”

 Love, finding love, making love, and keeping love alive seem to be the main point of Kelly Rowland’s new album, “Here I Am.”

This album contains the chart-topping song “Motivation.” The song is said to have helped the album’s release on July 26, making it four years since Rowland’s last musical publication. However, the long hiatus has not caused Rowland to lose her touch.

The main thing one would notice in this album, compared to the group works of Destiny’s Child, is that Rowland has per­sonalized. She has the power to make her music the way she wants it. Being solo gives her a chance to show off her voice.

It was clear that there were songs in the album that Rowland wanted to play with. There are two versions of the song “Mo­tivation,” both featuring Lil’ Wayne, but only one is considered a Rebel Rock Re­mix. Also, the song “Commander” has a regular version, and an Urban Remix with Nelly.

The song “Lay It On Me,” featuring Big Sean, is amazing. Rowland shows her potential as a soloist by hitting many dif­ferent notes while the song holds a steady beat.

Aside from the album topic, or featured artists, or Rowland’s popular past, this CD is brilliant. The music flows with a quick, steady beat, and sends women every­where an empowering message. It speaks for what women think, need, and want.

With the combination of lyrics and mu­sical talent, it rightfully belongs in the genre of R&B/Soul. All of her songs put me in a chilled atmosphere, yet kept my attention. This album deserves an A, not just for its quality, but for its liveliness.