Music Review: Eric Church’s “Chief”

 Eric Church, who was selected as the 2011 Academy of Country Music’s top new solo vocalist, has just released the album “Chief.”

The title derives from a nickname given to him by his crew and close friends. He viewed this as a proud achievement, since his late grandfa­ther had the same nickname. Many people can relate to Church through his way of storytelling.

His most popular song, “Homeboy,” speaks of a young boy who has strayed into trouble and jail. It asks if the boy will ever come home to the ones who love him, or if he will stay with the ones who pretend to. Not only is the song touching, but it clues into the reality of most kids today.

Another delightful song by Church is “Springsteen,” in which he describes flashbacks of his first love and everything that reminds him of her. Not only is it cute, but it carries a wonderful beat that makes you close your eyes and think of the past. The song allows Church’s listen­ers to, again, relate to him and his music.

With the title “I’m Gettin’ Stoned,” the first thing one would think of is drugs, right? Church took it a different way. In this song, he explains how ‘she got a rock and I’m gettin’ stoned,’ or basically he screwed himself when he got married. This song shares the relatable opinion of some men after marriage.

There were some transitions in the album that were awkward, but the overall quality was appropriate for the genre. Church is a little more upbeat and ‘in your face’ than most country artists now-a-days, which won him some brownie points.

All-in-all, Church is a decent artist and shares his stories well. This album de­serves no more and no less than a 7/10.