Music Review: Bad Meets Evil’s “Hell: The Sequel”

 After a feud that lasted almost ten years, Eminem and Royce da 5’9″ are back and they have brought with them a debut al­bum that has a great mixture of both rap­pers: “Hell: The Sequel.”

Initially, the duo had meant to col­laborate on one song, but eventually cre­ated an entire album. The debuting album topped number one on U.S. Billboard 200 with 171,000 copies sold.

Bad Meets Evil originates from the song on Eminem’s album “The Slim Shady LP.” The duo recorded the single almost 12 years ago. At the end of the track they sing “bad meets evil, see you in hell for the sequel.” Here they are with an album 12 year later.

Two songs leaked before the album’s release: “Living Proof” and “Echo.” Both songs are bonus tracks on the deluxe edi­tion; they are said to be songs that helped finish the album. “Echo” is used as a clos­ing song with just a verse from each rap­per with guest vocals from Liz Rodriquez.

The album took six months to develop. It features nine singles with three guest artists.

“Lighters,” featuring Bruno Mars, made its live debut performance at the 2011 Bonaroo Music & Arts Festival, and was considered the highlight performance of the festival.

Just hearing Eminem and Royce cre­ating music together is interesting. “The Reunion” seems to show that the duo has dropped the feud.

Those who are familiar with Eminem and Royce have been waiting for more. Never did they think the two artists would get together after a feud and make music together. This album has proved other­wise.