Music Review: Adele’s “21”

 “Rolling in the Deep,” a popular song that can be heard at least three times a day because it’s been the number one single of 2011, is the most notorious track on Adele’s new album, “21.”

While the album was released in Feb­ruary, it has been at the top of the album charts since, not only in the U.S., but in the United Kingdom as well. The album even helped to revive the sales of Adele’s first CD, “19.”

There is irony with this CD, as the first album was all about falling in love, and the second is about falling out of love. There were some songs on “21” that ei­ther repeated themselves, or were just too… whiny? Yes, whiny. Songs like “Don’t You Remember” and “Love Song” seemed redundant and unappealing.

However, looking at the album over­all, it deserves at least a 7/10. Yes, some songs were a little cheesy, but there were still some “wow” factors, one being that every song seemed to stick out from the rest. She wasn’t afraid to explore the world of instrumentals, giving each song the chance to carry its own tune.

Another is that she really put feeling into the lyrics and into her voice, keeping you captivated and open at all times to all the emotions that were flowing out.

In conclusion, there may be a wonderful future for Adele, but it might take a couple of tries and some lyrical improvement.