UM needs to improve


It was difficult for Brady Hoke to sell the new offense to Michigan fans who braved the elements.

There were muffed snaps, dropped passes, interceptions, and few touchdown drives.

While most of the offense’s miscues were self-inflicted, the first-team defense anchored by defensive tackle Mike Martin was strong up front.

While quarterback Denard Robinson struggled at times, he looked like he was at full strength after being beat up for most of last season.

On his first run attempt he gained 55 yards. Although, he looked uncomfortable dropping back under center.

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke let it be known after the spring game that they have a lot to work on.

“We’re glad we don’t open up tomorrow,” Hoke said at his post-game press conference.

Even though the Michigan’s defense looked like the more imposing side of the ball, they did allow big plays. Michael Cox’s 68 yard-run for a touchdown was the most devastating play of the day for the defense.

“You can’t give up big plays if you want to be successful as a defense, and unfortunately we did that,” Hoke said.

Two bright spots on defense were safety Carvin Johnson and linebacker Jake Ryan. Johnson picked off two passes (one was called back), and Ryan had a pick six.

“[Johnson’s] done that throughout camp. That’s one thing he’s showed, he’s the kind of guy that always shows up where the ball is,” defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison said at the press conference.

“When Jake’s on the field, he adds a little something out there and you can just feel it, there’s an intensity,” Hoke said.

On the offensive side of the ball, there were many miscues, but one of the things Hoke did not seem too discouraged by was the muffed snaps.

The reason he gave was experienced center David Molk sitting out due to an injury.

“When Molk was in there, they didn’t have any problems,” Hoke said.

Hoke said he is going to learn a lot about his team over the summer. With the NCAA rules restricting coach’s time with their players, they must progress on their own.

“You find out about their accountability for each other, find out about their respect for each other, find out about their love for each other, and that’s to be seen,” Hoke said.