Movie Review: Arthur



Arthur is a hilarious and touching remake of the 1981 Arthur that blew the original out of the water.

Arthur follows the story of billionaire Arthur Bach played by Russell Brand. Arthur is a spoiled and childish 30-year-old that spends most of his time in bed with loose women, spending large amounts of money, and disappointing his nanny, Hobson ( Helen Mirren) who is his major caretaker.

Arthur lives the good life until his mother, Vivienne played by Geraldine James, gives him an ultimatum. He is to marry Susan (Jennifer Gardner), a hard working, driven, and slightly crazy business women that can keep him under control, or Vivienne will cut him off.

Arthur doesn’t love Susan, but he agrees to the ultimatum not wanting to lose the money, until he meets the happy go-lucky but financially unstable Naomi (Greta Gerwig).

Arthur finds himself with a decision to make: to keep the money and be unhappy with Susan, or to lose the money and be happy with Naomi. The story line seems pretty clear cut, but takes an unseen turn with the death of a character.

Russell Brand did an amazing job playing Arthur; his already childish demeanor, blunt humor, and British accent is a perfect fit for this character. The normal bubbly Jennifer Gardner played the crazy aspect of Susan so that you loved, but also were slightly afraid, of her. All of the characters had a chemistry between them that just worked.

The movie had the audience laughing within the first three minutes and kept them laughing throughout, with a combination of deep and subtle humor and blunt perverted humor. Arthur is by far the best comedy that I have seen in a long time.