MCCC running club to officially start Fall 2011

 MCCC’s running club has been approved by Student Government as of April 19.

It will officially start during the Fall 2011 semester, when the competitions begin.

Training on your own or with the club is optional during the spring and summer, but it is recommended by running club coach Josh Scully, who is also an adjunct chemistry professor at MCCC.

Scully and current members of the club have developed a constitution, but still have one decision to make.

A few members would like the club to be a more open club, where members have no commitment.

Others are in favor of competing and would like to make competitions their focus during training.

The five students who signed the constitution were in favor of competing and Scully believes that this will be the path the club will take. He hopes that they can find a way to combine the ideas.

All of the current club members ran for their high school’s cross-country or track teams, but it is not a requirement.

Currently, the club is fundraising to take care of uniforms and traveling expenses for the next fall and winter competitions.

Scully is also contacting other community college coaches for ideas.

“I got a hold of Scott Olsen, the Jackson Community College Coach, and I will meet with him soon to discuss ideas for the club and upcoming competitions,” Scully said.

The club hopes to branch out to the county’s high schools and let them know about the running club at MCCC.

For more information on the club, contact Josh Scully