MCCC hosts annual Honors Night

Dawn Witmer, a grandmother who came back to school to show her grandchildren it is important, came out on top at MCCC’s Honors Night Wednesday.

Witmer won the Faculty Association Outstanding Student Award.

Math professor Mark Naber presented the award to Witmer, who was teary eyed when asked how she felt about receiving the award.

“I was humbled because there were so many other people who deserved the award,” Witmer said.

Witmer is a non-traditional student at MCCC. She is a writing fellow and on the dean’s list for academics.

Naber said she was nominated for the award because she was determined to set an example for her grandkids. She wants them to realize that if grandma can go to college and be successful, so can they.

Cheryl Johnston, professor of Reading and English, won the Outstanding Faculty Award.

Clayton McKenzie, adjunct professor of Biology, won the Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award.

Grace Yackee announced the recipients of the awards for Faculty and Adjunct Faculty. Johnston was close to speachless when she received the award.

“I’m overwhelmed and honored to receive this award. I don’t know what to say. … I’m stunned,” Johnson said.

“This is a great place to teach, the students are great,” Mckenzie said after he received his award.

The first president of MCCC, Dr. Ronald Campbell, attended the event to award the Dr. Ronald Campell Student Government Award. The award was given to Holly Self, this year’s president of Student Government.

Other awards were:

Business Student of the Year: Sarah Larson

The George Rhodes Writing Fellow Award: John Collins

Terri McConnaughey Scholarship: Diane Hill

Carol Kish Scholarship: Jeremy Romanos

Outstanding Nursing Student: Danielle Corne

Spirit of Nursing Award for the US Army/NSNA: Brad Phillips

All-USA Academic Team Nominees: Stephanie Dahl and Ricki Spotts

Outstanding Respiratory Therapy Student: Melina Miles

Industrial Technology Award: Products and Process Technology: Robert D. McCoy

Industrial Technology Award:- Construction Management: Scott Atkinson

Industrial Technology Award: Welding Technology: Michael Canupp and Kelly Clark

Excellence in Journalism: Christina Clark and Jeff Papworth

Outstanding Journalism Award: Marissa Beste and Morgan Hofbauer

Freshman Chemistry Award: Travis Trombley

Organic Chemistry Award: David Sarnowski

MASS Mathematics Competition Award: Travis Trombley

Outstanding Mathematics Student Award: Chad Orndorf

President’s Academic Achievement Award: Andrew Charter, Stephanie Dahl, Veronica Milligan, Qun Roessle, Ricki Spotts, Jayme Wasielewski and Stacey Weber

Outstanding Student Program of the Year: Sophomore Respiratory Therapy Student Club