Tammy Foster wins Jan/Feb performance award

Tammy Foster, MCCC Payroll clerk, won the Enriching Lives Performance Award for January/February.

Foster has worked in payroll at MCCC for 22 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Sienna Heights University and an associate’s degree from MCCC.

Denise Lindemann, who works in the same office as bookkeeper, said she has noticed her co-worker’s award-winning performance.

“Tammy goes out of her way to help people whenever she can,” she said. “If she doesn’t immediately know the answer to a question being asked, she will research it and get back with the person asking as soon as possible.”

Chris Bulin, administrative assistant to the dean of Health Sciences, said Foster once went above and beyond the call of duty to help deposit her check.

The e-mail announcing Foster as the January/February recipient included a narrative from Bulin which described the paycheck mishap that took place when Bulin went on vacation.

After leaving for work on a Friday afternoon, Foster returned because she noticed there was a check cut for Bulin rather than her usual direct deposit. She called to ask Bulin if there had been a mix-up.

“Tammy went on to take the check to the bank and deposit it for me so I could have the funds available while on vacation,” Bulin wrote. “Her customer service is always excellent but this was really meaningful for me and I greatly appreciated it.”

Lindemann has also seen Foster offer above-and-beyond help to her co-workers.

“If she isn’t up against a deadline, she will usually set aside whatever she is working on to help anyone who calls or stops by her office,” she said. 

Foster said the award was very  nice.

When MCCC first announced it would be hosting a monthly performance award, Foster said she was unsure of the idea until she won it.

“Only because of the emails and support that I’ve gotten from people,” she said. “I don’t need strokes but it’s nice to get that affirmation that you’re doing a good job and doing what you set out to do.”

The Enriching Lives Performance Award is sponsored by the Institutional Staff Development Committee.