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You can’t count the amount of chart-topping, 90’s one-hit-wonders on two hands.

It almost seems like the mainstream music from the 90’s flew in and flew right out.

Bands like The Verve Pipe, Wallflowers, Blind Melon and Semisonic all came and went, abruptly leaving one popular song and disappearing.

With a band like Wallflowers, led by Jakob Dylan (Bob Dylan’s son), you would assume there would be a pile of hits. I guess not.

With lyrics like:

“Hey, come on try a little,

Nothing is forever

There’s got to be something better than

In the middle

But me & Cinderella,

We put it all together

We can drive it home

With one headlight” –One Headlight, Wallflowers

You would assume there would be a bigger fan base and the Bob Dylan followers would at least tune in.

Many 90′s one-hit-wonders are still played on the radio, still in movies and downloaded on Itunes.

The biggest issue for these alternative bands was the grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam really stealing the limelight. Which in itself led a generation into musical denial but also brought a new style of playing and writing to the record labels.

With music on the steady rise again (finally) we find ourselves hoping that we won’t have to live through one good song from each artist, but maybe several….CD’s worth????