‘The Roommate’ lacks plot

“The Roommate” follows a college freshman who begins what seems to be a normal friendship with her dorm roommate. The friendship quickly becomes unstable as the roommate becomes obsessed with the protagonist, becoming jealous of her relationships with new college friends, a possible new boyfriend and her pre-college best friend.

“Roommate” has a predictable plot that has been done more than once. Reminiscent of “Single White Female” with a pinch of “Obsessed”, it fails to bring anything new to the screen. Instead of venturing out into new territory, “Roommate” screen like a dozen movies mashed together.

Although labeled as a horror/thriller film, there is very little material that is actually scary and almost no material that could be considered thrilling.

The only thing remotely scary about the movie is that it might run longer than advertised. The film opens with a typical cliché college party and only progresses to being predictable from there. The dialogue is full of clichés and innuendos that become redundant as the movie goes on. One-liners that were meant to be funny, and fail to be, only prove to be irritating.

The ending isn’t anything that hasn’t been done. Lacking action, the ending is full of standing around and talking. The only thing really cringe-worthy is the octaves that the female leads’ voices hit when attempting to act hysterical.

I would recommend “The Roommate” to anyone looking for a movie to just sit and watch without thinking.