MCCC security requesting firearms

MCCC’s security officers are asking to be given the right to use firearms.

Some students would support the change.

“I would feel more protected,” Travis Roberts, MCCC student said. “I don’t see the need, but I’ve never really thought about it.”

The idea is still being loosely passed around by college officials.

 “I really don’t have any other information other than I have been asked to investigate the possibility of arming our security force, said Randy Daniels, vice president of Student and Information Services.

All of MCCC’s security guards are ex-police officers.

“Campus Security provides a safe and secure campus environment for students, staff, faculty, and visitors,” is how the MCCC Web site describes their role.

In 2007, the Virginia Tech massacre put fear in the hearts of many college students, when an armed man killed 33 students and college employees.

Colleges and universities across the country began reassessing their security after the Virginia Tech shootings.

“I think it would be good to have armed guards, it could discourage from having anything like that happen here,” said Chris Perria, a lab coordinator in the L building.

MCCC is not the only Michigan school questioning whether or not to arm its campus security.

Other schools, such as Jackson Community College, also are looking at the issue.

Last year, Jackson reported 39 burglaries and 13 larcenies, according to Cindy Allen, Jackson Community College’s spokeswoman.

MCCC’s crime rate is drastically lower, with only a handful of minor crimes, mostly break-ins of cars and lockers.

But in March of 2010, a thief made off with $8,000 worth of merchandise from the MCCC book store.