It’s time to think about transferring

Some students at MCCC plan on transferring to a university in the fall of 2011.

As the story usually goes, though, students are procrastinating to the last minute.

Mark Hall director of Admissions and Guidance Services at MCCC, explains that it is in the students’ best interest to start the transferring process as soon as they know where they might want to go to school.

He also said that researching the potential universities is essential in choosing which school is right for a student.

“I would encourage visiting each school at least once,” Hall said, “It’s a big decision to make for a young adult.”

According to Hall, every college has different enrollment deadlines. But as the saying goes with most things: The early bird gets the worm.

“Of course, it’s never too late to apply,” Hall said.

“It’s just like registering for classes here: Apply early and schedule classes at the earliest deadline possible so you can get the best class times available. Apply for housing ASAP also to obviously get the best dorm.”

There are other steps that are important to follow for transferring. Hall said that first, students should not only do a scan on the basics of the university, but should also thoroughly research the specific major and/or program they are interested in.

Secondly, once students have found their major, they should find and follow the program’s transfer guide.

Almost every school has a transfer guide that will help students pick the right classes and check to make sure their current classes at MCCC are accepted at the university.

A number of transfer guides for various universities are provided on MCCC’s website.

The third step a student should take is while researching their major at a college or university, they should note whether the program is selective or limited. Physical therapy and nursing, for example, are selective programs and require stricter qualifications to be accepted into.

The fourth step is to apply to the college and for financial aid. Scholarships are everywhere. The best thing a student can do to find these scholarships is to talk to one of the university’s financial aid advisors.

The same rule applies to scholarships as to all the other steps — apply early and apply often. The more scholarships students apply for, the greater the chance of receiving one.

Once a student has received that letter in the mail that says they have been accepted, the last step is to apply for housing.

Being one of the first to sign up for your favorite dorm is crucial because the rooms go fast. If students want the pick of the litter, they must apply as soon as possible.

Hall emphasized that the time to start applying is now. If a student hasn’t started applying to their school of choice, they should start soon.

Almost all information about a university can be found through the school’s Web site.

Phone numbers to admissions and financial aid offices are usually listed on the Web site as well, so don’t be shy to call for help.

The counselors at MCCC are also always there to help any student who has questions.

For students interested in transferring to the University of Toledo, on April 8 there will be a bus that will take MCCC students to the campus for a guided tour and questions.

The bus will pick up students on the main campus in front of the A building and also at the Whitman Center at 8 a.m. and will return to MCCC at noon.

A second trip will be made at noon and will return again at 4 p.m.

This tour is free to any student interested in UT. Students can go at either time, or they can choose to stay the whole day and explore the campus themselves.