Professor wants to create running club

MCCC professor Josh Scully has wondered why the college does not have a track or cross country team and is determined to create one.

Scully, a chemistry professor at MCCC, originally had spotted a flyer on campus to encourage students who were interested in running to contact Bryan Dusseau, a student at MCCC. Scully emailed Dusseau about starting the club and wanted to get involved immediately.

Dusseau’s idea for the club was focused towards getting new people introduced to the world of running.

“Almost like a support group for runners, going to local races and such,” Scully said.

Scully had a different idea for the club.

“I’m more competitive with starting a team to compete against other schools,” he said.

Scully would like to start a cross country and a track and field team.

He has coached both types of teams at the private college prep school Greenhills, in Ann Arbor.

With having the background and success in running, his competitive nature has pumped him up for the possible new program.

Scully has researched other schools and found that most community colleges in Southern Michigan have cross country teams.

Scully said there is a national championship in South Carolina for community college cross-country teams and he would like to be a part of it.

“The club would have no qualifications and no limit to how many members,” Scully said, “You just have to want to run.”

The cross country team would compete against other community college teams at about six to eight meets per year.

“It could be year-round. It should be offered that way, but both teams probably wouldn’t compete all year,” Scully said.

The two teams would be split up seasonally according to Scully.

Cross country would compete in the fall, and track and field would compete in the winter and spring.

Though Scully and Dusseau are struggling, the club is slowly but surely making its name official.

“Part of the problem right now is to get people together to actually start the club,” Scully said.

Right now the club has about a dozen students interested.

Rachel Baron, a student at MCCC, has been trying to get this type of club going herself for a couple years. It wasn’t until now that anyone has shown any interest.

Scully explained that he cannot begin coaching until the paperwork processes are completed, and they can’t be completed without the support of students.

“Since it’s a club it has to be initiated by students,” Scully said, “My primary role would be as advisor.”

To advertise the club, Scully has created a Facebook page for it. Currently there are a little more than twelve members.

Scully hopes for more members to join so the club can start the paperwork and bring a new sport to this school.

If you are interested in the club, contact Professor Scully through his email at jscully02@yahoo.com.