Volleyball team improving at mid-season

Communication is still the main concern among coaches and players on the MCCC volleyball team as they reach the mid-point of the season.

In league play on Jan. 19, they lost two of three games. Their overall record in the league is 4-17.

Player Holly Morin was unimpressed with both the team’s play and her own performance.  

Morin said one of the team’s biggest weaknesses is not knowing how to handle free balls.

Morin did find some positives in the game.

“I think passes were pretty good today, and our serving was pretty good.” she said.

MCCC volleyball player Amelia Contreras had the similar thoughts on how the league games went.

“We didn’t really show it in the first couple games, but the third game was pretty good,”  Contreras said.

There were a lot more positives drawn from the previous week’s game against the Wayne State Volleyball Club.

“I think it was good, I mean we’re improving a lot and there were a lot of things you could see we had improved on,” Contreras said.

The team chemistry seems to be improving despite new players joining the team and other players quitting.

 Contreras said she now knows where everyone wants the ball to be set.

Assistant coach Chrystal Caldwell said the player who has improved the most over the course of the season is Sammy Ballard.

Caldwell said the communication problems should be solved when they can figure out what position each player is best suited for.

She also pointed to Amelia Contreras and Leigh Toeppe as the players who have stepped up as leaders this season.

The Volleyball Club is scheduled to play in a tournament in Ann Arbor on Jan. 29 and also plans to host a tournament on Feb. 19.


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