Rock & Roll comes alive

They said rock and roll was dead, but a rockin’ show on Jan. 21 at MCCC brought it back from the grave.

The American Rock & Roll: A Tribute to the Eagles, ZZ Top and CCR show at Meyer Theater excited the crowd and moved some feet.

People were lined up outside the theater doors all trussed up in their band t-shirts eager to get in. Once inside the concert hall the seats quickly filled to a full house, jam packed with nostalgic fans.

The show started off with an amusing rendition of ZZ Top, performed by Fangdango! Tribute to ZZ Top. Songs included Sharp Dressed Man, Gimme All Your Lovin and ended up with the famous La Grange. The beards where swinging and the audience was clapping along.

After the hard rock of ZZ Top, Bradley Ford, teaming up with Fangdango, went down south with his John Fogerty persona in a tribute to Credence Clearwater Revival.

 Showing off the signature ascot, Ford decided to involve the fans in the show. On his cue were many ‘yeehaw’s and over-the-head clapping. Many of CCR’s best songs were covered by the band, including Susie Q, Who’ll Stop the Rain, and Born on the Bayou.

After a quick intermission, the show got rearing again with The Long Run Experience the Eagles. The band whipped out a couple of keyboards and even a double necked guitar, as they proceeded to blow the minds of the audience.

With grace and skill, The Long Run played the biggest hits of the Eagles, like Hotel California, Heartache Tonight, and Take it Easy. During the music experience some of the VIPs started to show off their dance moves.

To wrap up the show, all the entertainers decided to team up together and play Proud Mary, a large and flashy ending to some of the top rock and roll songs. That ending earned the bands a standing ovation from the audience and a few even shouted ‘encore’.