Monroe Big Band makes big bang at Meyer Theater

Picture Frank Sinatra singing his best in MCCC’s own Meyer Theater on Jan. 15. You couldn’t have gotten any closer than the Monroe Big Band featuring Kevin Sands, Joel Zmuda and Lisa Young.

Kevin Sands has that undeniable charm, charisma and voice. You would think Sinatra was standing right in front of you.

Sands belted out chart toppers such as, “Come Fly With Me,” “Fly me to the Moon” and “I’m Gonna live till I Die.”

His impressive vocals and presence left the audience clapping long after each song.

Joel Zmuda came out like a natural sinning that delightful tunes of the 60’s and 70’s such as “Me and Mrs. Jones” and “It had to be you.”

Zmuda was very enthusiastic about the nights turn out.

“I appreciate everybody coming out, certainly is nice for us to all join together; our three vocalists Kevin and Lisa and I, and Monroe’s band has been around a long time. We are having fun here, getting booked into this venue here. We appreciate everyone helping us, letting us show our abilities,” Joel said.

The beautiful Lisa Young sparked like lighting. She sang numbers such as “GeorgiaSunny” and “Baby it’s Cold Outside” along with Joel Zmuda.

The audience was pleased with the night’s performance.

“I loved the lady up there. She certainly knew how to work a crow,” Jeff Conrick, 48 of Trenton said.

“Young is a natural performer with extraordinary singing abilities. She could definitely stand her own with the best,” Conrick said.

The main part of the act was the Monroe Big Band itself. The band is composed of different music teachers from around the area.

Each performer holding amazing talents that they sure proved to the audience; from different soloists to perfect harmonies, you could feel the power in every note hit.

“There is nothing like real instruments live,” Tim Lentner, the band leader who also plays the tenor saxophone, said.

The band has spectacular players, delightful singers and they even invite the audience to dance on stage with them. It is an all-around great show. You will leave with a smile on your face, that’s a guarantee.