Gay Straight Alliance plans Chicago trip

The Gay Straight Alliance at MCCC hopes to travel to Chicago Pride next year, but club members need to raise money to pay for the trip first.

The GSA held an officers’ meeting recently to discuss the progress of fund raising for a trip to Chicago Pride in June of 2011.

Tim Prayther, president of the GSA, said the total amount needed for the trip is $2,500 and the cost for each person will run about $350 dollars.

He said the cost could change based on the number of people who sign up to go. At this time, there are about 10 people planning to attend the event.

Prayther noted that it is important that any club members who commit to going don’t change their mind.

“Cancelations would set the group back as a whole, having to change all the hotel arrangements to fit the new number of members attending the trip,” he said.

The job of calculating the cost of the trip, including hotel and other expenses, was given to the club treasurer, Edwin Laswell.

Also during the meeting, Prayther said he intends to contact Ozone House, an Ann Arbor homeless shelter, in order show support for homeless gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and youth who are questioning.

“The purpose of working with Ozone House is to support their cause in helping LGBTQ’s that are homeless for many different reasons,” he said after the  meeting.

Prayther, who also is a member of student government, said he plans to try to get that group’s support to work with Ozone House.

Also attending the meeting were Brandon VanBelle, who is the vice president, and Laswell, the treasurer. They talked about meeting times for the rest of the semester and a new meeting time for Winter semester.

A topic of conversation at upcoming meetings will be a bake sale to raise money for the Chicago Pride trip, Prayther said.