Volleyball club prepares for tournament

The MCCC Volleyball club is preparing for a Dec. 4 tournament that will include teams with ex-college volleyball players.

The date of the tournament is Dec. 4.

The MCCC volleyball club played three games last week in its league.

Every game was close, but the MCCC team failed to win any of them.

Assistant coach Chrystal Caldwell said the MCCC girls are at a disadvantage because they cannot find teams that have players the same age.

“They learned,” Caldwell said, “that sometimes experience can overcome skill.”     

Caldwell has learned some things about the team during this season.

“We have a lot of team cohesiveness; the girls get along very well,” she said.

Jessica Dover and Samantha Ballard are two sophomores, in their first year in the MCCC volleyball club.

Ballard said she played well for only her first year in the program, but can play better. She also said she tries to fill the role of motivator on the team.

Dover was surprised by the tough competition they’ve faced and said the team needs to improve overall.

One thing Dover said she needs to work on is passing.

The volleyball club seems to have fixed its communication woes during games. The team now will be working on being clutch in close games and knowing how to put a team away, Caldwell said.