MCCC students plan to start running club

Students at MCCC are working to get a new club up and running.

“Running is the best way to lose weight and become fit,” says Megan Ashenfelter, an MCCC student attempting to form a running club on campus.

“You don’t need any equipment, other than a pair of athletic shoes, and you can do it anywhere,” she said.

The purpose of the club according to Bryan Dusseau, one of the other students involved, is to organize training sessions, “fun runs”, and competitions with students from other schools.

To fulfill the steps to become a club, they are looking for a faculty advisor and more students who would like to join.

Once this is accomplished the prospective members will join together to create a club constitution that will state their official purpose, fundraising tactics, and other issues.

New ideas and opinions regarding the club are greatly encouraged, and anyone who would like to join should contact either Megan Ashenfelter at mashenfelter@my.monroeccc.edu or Bryan Dusseau at bdusseau20757@my.monroeccc.edu.