Nursing program ok’d for accreditation

 A group of representatives from the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission have decided to recommend that MCCC’s associate nursing program be granted an eight year reaccredidation.

The group, which consisted of faculty members from other community colleges, visited the campus Oct. 19-21 to observe the nursing program and the facilities it uses.

The purpose of the visit was to validate the information that was given to the NLNAC in a self-study report, which was written by MCCC’s nursing division and submitted six weeks earlier.

The report is over 200 pages long and details how the program meets the six standards set forth by the NLNAC.

While at the college, the representatives observed theory classes, attended clinical rotations at Mercy Memorial Hospital, and validated the resources available to the students, such as the library and the skills lab.

The process also included several interviews with students, faculty members and administrators — from both the college and the hospital.

Dr. Cynthia Roman, the dean of the health sciences division and director of the nursing program, said she was pleased with the recommendation.

“We are recommended for the highest number of years without any conditions,” Roman said.

“We had a very successful visit. We’re very proud of our students, our campus and our program.”

The group from the NLNCA will now write an official report and submit it to the NLNAC Evaluation Review Panel.

The Evaluation Review Panel will then make a recommendation to the NLNAC Board of Commissioners, who have the final say.

“It was a lot of work, but it was worth it,” Roman said.