Local TV show nears end of season

Monroe’s home-grown comedic sitcom, Public Access, is drawing viewers’ attention.

The next episode to be aired is on November 23 at 9 p.m. on Monroe Public Access TV (MPACT). It will be the sitcom’s fifth episode.

The creator of the show, Patrick Dunn, 22 of Monroe, is ready for the episode to air.

“Episode five is kind of a parody of the many religious programs on public access TV and all the crazy gimmicks they do for attention,” Dunn said.

Public Access has also been getting attention from online users, who view the episodes at facebook.com/publicaccess1

“We had over 300 views just on the pilot episode and that number is always rising,” Dunn said.

Dunn has had several Public Access fans ask about getting the episodes on DVD.

“We will be selling a DVD collection of the first season on the Facebook starting in January,” Dunn said.

MPACT invited Dunn to appear as a guest on Lee Markham’s The Lotus Ginkgo show. Markham made a guest appearance on Public Access, playing a liberal commentator.

The Spaghetti Zombies, now known as The Capaul Band, made a guest appearance on Nov. 9.

Dunn has started writing the script for the second season. But before a second season can be made they need more money.

“It’s all depending on grant money for more shows,” Dunn said.

The first season of Public Access is scheduled to end in the beginning of January.