Volleyball club learns from loss

The MCCC volleyball club felt like they had some things they could improve on after their first tournament of the season.

They came out with a record of three losses and one tie.

“We did alright for our first time,” Amber Huber said. “We could have done better.”

It was also MCCC head coach Scott Barbe’s first game at the helm.

The main thing he learned from his team is they need to work on their communication.  Most of his players agreed with his assessment.

The team seemed to embrace Barbe as a coach.

“He’s quiet, but he’s a very good coach, he always pushes us to do better,” Amber Huber Said.

“I like him a lot, he’s a good coach and everyone really gets along with him.” Rachel Cousino said.

The player that has stepped up as a leader is captain, Candace Salliote.

“She is an amazing hitter, she’s a very good volleyball player,” Huber said.

Another player Barbe said that has stepped into their role as a captain is Leigh Toeppe

Amelia Contreras is a player that is that seems to have made the biggest sacrifice by playing out of position.

“I never been a center before, but I’m trying,” Amelia Contreras said. “We don’t really have a center and I think I’m capable of it.”

Barbe said the hardest working player is Amber Huber.

“She’s always coming in early and trying to stay after practice,” Barbe said. “She’s really trying to work on her entire game.”

The players have high goals for the season.  They hope to win at least one tournament.

The players also had individual things they need to work on to help the team.

“I need to work on servicing and just communication,” Rachel Cousino said.

“Be more consistent with setting and making sure I’m getting the ball out to each and every player,” Amelia Contreras said.

The tournament has given Barbe the opportunity to know what the team needs to improve on.

“Were going to work a lot on communication. Were going to do a lot of control drills and a lot of situation drills,” Barbe said.

Another area Barbe said he had to work on is “piece them all together.”

The MCCC volleyball club has many future plans.

In November, they are going to start playing in a league that will be on Wednesday nights and it will be played at MCCC’s gym.

They play teams in the Monroe and Toledo area.  The teams consist of ex-college players.

Barbe said he will play club teams only in tournaments. He does not know the exact day, but the team plans on playing one in November and plans to enter a tournament almost every month until April or May.

Barbe wants to get the girls to have a winning attitude with a program in its infancy.

“Getting them high expectations as far as what we want as a club team and what we want hopefully as a future actual volleyball college team,” Barbe said.