New bowling coach confident in team

Coming off a successful inaugural season, the Huskie bowling club has gained a new head coach and four new members.

New head coach Kevin Greer is confident in his new team and how they will do this season.

The club currently consists of six members; Iam Saum, Brad Asbury, Devin Kachar, Jeremy Pidgeon, Nicole Kachar, and Nicole Kinney.

The Huskies are one of 66 teams in the American Heartland Intercollegiate Bowling Conference, which is currently holding a five event tournament.

Dayton was the first of the five events that the club competed in.

“We are a mixed team competing in the men’s division,” says head coach Kevin Greer, “it’s a tough battle against the guys, but we are holding our own.”

The Huskies placed 36th out of 43 teams in Dayton.

“Spares are very important and that is where we struggled in Dayton. The oil pattern on the lanes break down quickly with the number of games that these meets bowl in a nine hour day,” Greer said.

With a new head coach, the club has high hopes for how they will place in their conference.

“Our goal is to be in the top 20 of the AHIBC, we’ve got a way to go but the next two meets are at home,” states Greer. “We are confident that home court advantage will give us an edge.”

The next event that the club will be participating in is the Northwest Ohio University Invitational on Oct. 23 in Lima, Ohio. Shortly after that, the Huskies will be host for a two tournament weekend on Nov. 6 and 7 at Nortel Lanes.

Anyone who is interested in competitive bowling is welcome to join. To get more information about the club, e-mail info@bowlnortel.com.