Cuisine 1300 opens for fall

Cuisine 1300, the restaurant run by MCCC’s culinary program, opened its doors October 15.

Cuisine 1300, which is run by second year culinary student and overseen by instructors Vicki La Valle and Keith Thomas, is located in A-Building near the guidance office.

Students work various positions in the restaurant, and are scheduled on a rotation schedule. A student could be the maitre d’ one day end up being the dishwasher the next. Students can also be the pastry chef of the day or being selected to serve customers tableside.

Chef La Valle thinks its good for the students to go through this rotation and that it is important for them to understand all aspects of a restaurant.

“It’s a lot work; it’s not always glamorous,” La Valle said.

First year students also participate in the restaurant. They learn the basics and also get to make the desserts and breads sold in the restaurant.

The restaurant has a continental cuisine theme, with varying types of food on the menu. Some items include sesame crusted tuna, and smoked lamb chops. There are several salads on the menu, such as lobster chiffonade salad and warm brussel sprout salad. There is also grilled swordfish and chicken penne pasta on the menu.

La Valle praises the creativity and precision that goes along with each dish.

“The students put a personal touch on even the littlest things,” La Valle said.

The smaller first course selections on the menu range from $4-7, while the larger second courses cost anywhere from $8-14. Cuisine 1300 only accepts cash or personal check as payment methods.

La Valle is proud of what Cuisine 1300 accomplishes with the culinary students.

“Educating future chefs of America, that’s what we’re here for,” La Valle said.

Reservations are required to dine and can be made by calling the campus cashier at (734) 384-4231. Guest of the restaurant have the choice of two seatings, one at 11:30 a.m. and another at 11:45 a.m.

Seatings can be made for a single person, or as many as ten people. The restaurant can seat 35 people a day comfortably, so people are encouraged to make reservations as early as possible.  

Patrons of the restaurant should expect a dining experience to take at least an hour, as it is a learning environment. Second year students prepare most of the food, manage the restaurant and also decide the menu.