All the hysteria over Snooki is disgusting

So sick of Snooki.

Ever since the Jersey Shore came out, I feel like I’m being stalked.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is stalking me.

She’s on the radio, on the TV, on the news, in the papers, on facebook, and you can completely forget about MTV and VH1.

South Park even recently spoofed the Jersey Shore and made Snooki out to be a tan, drinking, humping monster. Literally.

And Snooki’s twitter response? “We’ve officially made it.”

Before I wrote this, I wanted to make sure I was fairly objective, and I decided to give the show’s newest season a shot. After 12 painful minutes of the second season’s premiere, I was done.

In the second season, the eight “guidos” and “guidettes” head to Florida to now corrode the shores of Miami.

One of my favorite lines sprung up three minutes in, during a commentary from Snooki. While getting ready for Miami she tells about her “amazing guerilla juicehead.”

In English translation, her boyfriend.

“I really don’t want to cheat, like seriously, I don’t want to, but if you’re going to hand me a bottle of freakin’ So Co, like something just comes over me, I go crazy,” she proudly stated.

And now, MTV can’t keep all of Snooki’s genius to themselves; VH1 is to host a reality TV show called, “Snookin’ for Love.”

Apparently the guerilla didn’t last long.

It really makes me wonder what’s coming next for MTV and VH1; who is going to be the next “role model” for the increasingly younger and younger fan base.

It’s not just teenagers who watch MTV. When kids grow up watching those shows and see it on every media outlet, it becomes normal.

Girls getting punched in the face becomes normal. Guys bringing home three girls a night becomes normal. Being void of self-respect becomes normal.

Even more than becoming normal, it becomes glorified.

Snooki makes $30,000 per episode, so if young girls act like Snooki . . . you can fill in the blanks.

I’m not saying they need to ban shows like the Jersey Shore; that would be ridiculous. But to create so much hysteria over eight overly-tan train wrecks is absolutely disgusting.