2010 campaign candidates vie for seats across state

Republican candidate Rick Snyder is running for governor with the campaign slogan, “one tough nerd.”

Snyder is a venture capitalist who graduated with three degrees from the University of Michigan at age 23. His career eventually led him to be president of Gateway Computer Co.

His campaign is largely based on being “The Job Creator.” He was appointed in 1999 by Governor Engler as first chair of the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

Democrat candidate Virg Bernero is in his fifth year as mayor of Lansing, Michigan’s sixth largest city. He has been called “America’s Angriest Mayor” by CNN for his fiery rhetoric.

Bernero emphasizes his role in erasing Lansing’s $40 million dollar budget deficit without increasing taxes and says he can do the same thing on the state level.

U.S. House of Representatives, 15th District

Democrat John D. Dingell is seeking his record setting 29th term as congressman. He was first elected when his father, John D. Dingell Sr., died in 1955. The Dingell’s have held the 15th congressional district since 1933.

One of the best known laws written by Dingell is the Clean Air Act of 1990.

Dingell was appointed Chairman Emeritus on the House Energy and Commerce Committee in 2009. He has used this title to keep health insurance reform, climate change, and food safety legislation moving through the lawmaking process.

Dr. Rob Steele, a cardiologist who operates a private practice in Washtenaw County, is the Republican candidate trying to take down Dingell’s empire. He has been a member of the Heritage Foundation for over twenty years, and is a lifetime member of the NRA.


Dr. Steele’s long career in the medical field gives him firsthand experience to deal with healt care reform. The doctor, who has performed over 15,000 cardiac catheterization procedures, is riding the wave of the Tea Party movement. Steele’ opposes the level of federal spending that has been occurring.

State Senate, 17th District

Democrat John Spencer stresses that jobs are his top priority. He is a first-time politician as he campaigns for a seat in the state senate.

Spencer is the president of Great Lakes Metal Finishing. He is a former UAW member who has a passion for manufacturing. He believes that in order to turn the economy around we need to produce better goods, which will create more jobs.

Incumbent republican Randy Richardville is seeking his second term as state senator. Before being elected senator, Richardville served three terms in the state House of Representatives.

He considers himself uniquely qualified for the job because he has experience in both business and legislative practices. He previously worked for the City of Monroe as Economic Development Director, giving him experience dealing with the local economy.

State House of Representatives, 56th District

Republican Dale Zorn is campaigning for a position as State Representative. He has a history of working for the community. Zorn has been a county commissioner since 1991. He is a pro-life supporter who says he believes in the U.S. Constitution.

Incumbent Democrat State Rep. Kate Ebli is determined to bring jobs created by renewable energy to the area. She is a strong believer in the Second Amendment and is also pro-life. Ebli wants to put an end to the import of Canadian garbage.

State House of Representatives, 55th District

Rick Olson is the Republican candidate for the 55th District State Rep. seat. Graduating from Stanford Law School in 1978, he has put years of service in the private sector. This includes five years as an Agricultural Economist.

Democrat Mike Smith is campaigning to be elected State Representative. With a degree in Social Science from Monroe County Community College, Smith began his career as a Child Care Worker at the Monroe County Youth Center. He now holds a seat on the Bedford Public Schools Board of Education.