MCCC students enjoy annual Welcome Back Barbeque

MCCC’s Student Government helped to celebrate the new school year with its annual Welcome Back Barbeque.

The purpose of the barbeque was to welcome students and wish them a good semester, Tom Ryder said as he tossed miniature footballs to passersby.

The grassy area east of the La-Z-Boy center was littered with students lounging under trees and at picnic tables. All were bobbing their heads to the music or eating food that was passed out by the sponsors. Students seemed to be having a good time.

“It’s a great idea to get the students together.” said MCCC student Samantha Huff.

Those that attended the barbecue were able to look into the many clubs and activities the college has to offer students.

Members from the Culinary Club, International Students for Social Equality, International Studies, Math and Science Society (MASS), Military Veterans Club, Student Nurse Association, Ignite Young Adult and Campus Ministry, Dance and Theatre and the volleyball and bowling teams were all present.

Each of these clubs had stands set up so that students could join or receive additional information if they were interested.

Throughout the campus, music from the local band “The Injured List” could be heard. The band is made up of students from Washtenaw and Adrian College. Members include lead singer Nathan Marks, guitarists Kyle Sudak and Wil Deyoung, bass player Steve Ayer and drummer Dylan Miller.

“They’re pretty solid dudes” MCCC student John Harness said as he watched the band play.

The band was started in August 2007, Marks’ freshman year of college. Since then, they have played 144 shows, including the barbecue.

As well as original songs written mainly by lead singer Marks, the band also covered the songs of many well-known bands, such as Blink 182.

“We like to experiment,” Marks said from behind his keyboard.

The band rocked the campus from the start to the end of the barbecue.

“They’re impressive” Harness said. “[The college] should have more picnics, and they should play at all of them.”

Around noon the band fell silent and the chatter died down as Tom Ryder stood on a picnic table and called for everyone’s attention. At the same time the barbecue was going on, a funeral was being held for Kimberly Reaume, an employee from the admissions office who died Friday. A moment of silence was held in her memory.