MCCC reaches record enrollment

As a result of Michigan’s struggling economy, MCCC has reached a record enrollment of 4,723 students for the fall semester.

“Michigan’s economy has crashed, and MCCC is one of the key first responders in our region and in the state,” MCCC president David Nixon said.

“The students are coming to us for a hopeful future, so it is no surprise we have record enrollment.”

MCCC has gained 99 more students compared to last year’s enrollment of 4,624, which is a 2 percent increase.

According to Nixon, it is the largest amount of students MCCC has had in its 46 years.

For the 2010-2011 academic year, MCCC expects to have more than 9,000 students. These students enroll in non-credit courses such as the lifelong learning courses and business and industry training.

The amount of credit hours taken this fall has also reached a record high of 42,809, which is 971 more than last year.

The original student enrollment record was set in 1993 at 4,057 students, and the next record occurred in 2004 with 4,177 students. Since then, the college has gained about 91 students every year until this year.

As well as the record enrollment this fall, MCCC has gained 126 female students, 85 part-time students, 130 non-traditional students (students age 21-50), 103 in-state but out-of-district students, 34 out-of-state students, and 58 students participating in health-related two-year occupational programs.

The chart depicts the final enrollment comparison of registrations and credit hours for Fall Semester 2010 as of the “Count Date” which was on Wednesday September 1.

(The date corresponds with the end of the 100% refund period for dropped classes.)

  2007 2008 2009 2010  
Headcount 4,433 4,514 4,624 4,723 +2%
Credit Hours 38,123 39,224 41,838 42,809 +2%
Billable Contact Hours      *       * 46,865 47,803 +2%

*not available for prior semesters

-chart courtesy of Randy Daniels, Vice President of Student and Information Services