Woltmann extension denied, reinstated

Jack Woltmann was the only retiree from MCCC to receive a one year extension, but temporarily his extension was denied by the Michigan Office of Retirement Services because of late paperwork.

Woltmann, the associate professor of Respiratory Therapy, said he originally intended to retire in two more years, but the recent Michigan retirement incentive made early retirement possible.

Due to significant events in his academic area over the next year and because his position would be difficult to replace, he was to get the one-year extension.

Woltmann was informed in late July that the college had not sent in the paperwork on time and the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS) had denied the extension. That would mean Woltmann would have to retire on Aug. 31 of this year.

“Everybody went a little crazy trying to get ORS to accept the extension,” Woltmann said in an e-mail.

Other retirees across Michigan were similarly affected and the severity of the issue led to ORS officials being harassed and state legislators being contacted.

Retirees’ attorneys and a law firm for the Michigan Educators’ Association began dealing with the issue of the failed extensions.

On Aug. 4, Woltmann received a call from the ORS, stating that they had received new information and that his retirement extension was granted.

“I will be working pretty much normally and will retire in one year, as was originally planned,” Woltmann said.