Monroe band to open for The Misfits

A local Monroe band got the gig of a lifetime– opening for the legendary 80’s punk rock band The Misfits.

The group, “Capaul,” consists of twins Ben and Nick Capaul, students at MCCC, and their older brother Chris, an MCCC alum.

While sitting in a chair draped with a Misfits blanket, Chris told of his excitement opening for his favorite band.

“I have a hard time believing it’s real,” said Chris, the band’s drummer. “This is our first big show; I never thought we would be opening for someone like The Misfits. It’s a privilege.”

Chris, standing up and lifting his shirt, showed off a “Fiend Skull” themed tattoo, The Misfits’ official symbol, and explained he is the definitive “hardcore fan.”

“I will be basically sharing a stage with my icon,” Chris said. “I want to be able to say I gave it my all.”

For Ben, the group’s bassist, the concert is about getting their message about family, friends and good times across to the audience.

“Our goal for the show is to open doors,” he said about the Oct. 30 concert. “It’s a great opportunity for some exposure out there. We just want people to come out and see what we are.”

To Nick, who plays guitar for the group, being in a band with his brothers is what gives “Capaul” its own identity.

“What we have together, it’s more than a feeling. It’s more than a sound. It’s a persona,” he said. “I’ve been in a few other bands and it’s a totally different feeling playing with those two. We all just mesh.”

The brothers said calling the band “Capaul” was an easy, natural choice because they stand for family and wanted it to be apparent. All three share the lead vocalist role so the limelight doesn’t shine on just one individual. Their family crest serves as the band’s logo.

“It’s about celebrating family through punk rock,” Ben said. “But family isn’t just flesh and blood. Our friends and fans are our brothers, our sisters. We want

to get to the point where everyonefeels like a Capaul.”

When talking about their music, the Capaul brothers said they have an upbeat, punk rock vibe in the same vein as Blink 182, The Misfits and The Ramones.

“You need to sit down and put your goggles on, ‘cause we’re going to bring it to you,” Ben said, explaining the frenetic vibe of their music.

The group said one of their future goals is to be able to play a show at MCCC and they are trying to fight through the red tape.

“We would love to do something non-profit at the college,” Chris said. “My brothers go there now, I’m an alum, my Dad’s an alum. It would be great.”

Nick said their parents, David and Patty Capaul, have always been supportive of their music and are proud of their brotherly bond, on and off the stage.

“They know this is what keeps us going and it’s what we have to look forward to,” Nick said.

Justin Hehl, Chris’s best friend, says he is the band’s biggest fan and cannot wait to see them at the same concert as The Misfits.

“I got pretty crazy when he told me. I mean, it’s The Misfits!” he said.

“Capaul” opens for The Misfits on Devil’s Night, Oct. 30 at Headliners in Toledo, Ohio.

Tickets can be purchased for $25 by calling Nick Capaul at 734-735-6666.

Check out the band at myspace.com/capaulband.