Study Abroad expands

MCCC’s Study Abroad Program sets its sights on Eastern Europe in 2011 and isn’t limited to just students this time around.

“We are expanding our program to all members of the community,” said Joanna Sabo, professor of political science and coordinator of the Study Abroad Program.

Community members have to pay the trip costs themselves, which is currently estimated at $3,681 per person and does not include trip insurance, daily lunches or baggage fees.

Sabo said the overseas trip can be life enriching and can help with getting noticed by potential employers.

“It shows an adventurous spirit and knowledge about countries outside the United States,” Sabo said

.”We’ve also responded to student opinions from our last two trips to enhance this year’s study abroad.”

Sabo said students from previous trips talked about wanting to stay in one area a little longer to get a better grasp on the culture.

As a result, the group will extend its visit, spending 10 days in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Study abroad members will visit Vienna, Austria; Budapest, Hungary; Krakow and Auschwitz, Poland; and Wadowice, Czech Republic along with the 10-day stop in Prague.

Sabo said community members who wish to travel must pass a background check, turn in two recommendation letters and be enrolled by Oct. 1.

Any questions can be directed to Sabo through e-mail at jsabo@monroeccc.edu.