HLC finalizes accreditation, turns down MCCC appeal

MCCC has been formally granted 10-year accreditation, but its appeal of a visit in three years was turned down.

A team from the Higher Learning Commission visited campus last September to review the college’s accreditation status. It recommended the full 10-year accreditation, but also suggested a “focused visit” on two specific topics in three years.

The two areas are: communication and shared governance; and evaluating and improving institutional effectiveness.

In the academic year of 2012 and 2013, an HLC team will revisit the college to evaluate the progress MCCC has accomplished for these areas.

The “focused visit” will not endanger the accreditation MCCC has been granted. It is merely a way to keep the college accountable in making progress.

“MCCC is aware of areas in need of attention and is committed to continuous improvement,” the HLC Evaluation Team said, according to an MCCC press release.

The areas MCCC excels in are many, accordign to the HLC team.

“The college’s mission as a comprehensive two-year institution serving Monroe County, Michigan, is understood and supported by all constituencies of the college,” the HLC team said.

“MCCC has the human, physical and financial resources to carry out its mission. The board, administration, faculty and staff are committed to student learning.”

The HLC team also praised MCCC’s accomplishments in the Monroe community.

“The Board, administration, faculty and staff are committed to student learning. And the college has productive working relationships with its community partners, including business and industry, health care providers and K-12 school districts in its region,” the HLC team said.

The renewed accreditation allows MCCC students to apply for financial aid from the federal government. It also increases the credibility of the courses at MCCC, so they are more likely to be accepted by most colleges or universities across the nation.

The next accreditation visit by an HLC team is scheduled for 2019-2020.