Chewing added to MCCC tobacco ban beginning May 1

On May 1, the use of all tobacco products will be banned from MCCC’s campus.

The Board of Trustees approved the revision of MCCC’s smoking policy at their meeting Monday night.

The state of Michigan will eliminate smoking in public places after May 1, but the college’s ban is going further than the state law, Trustee Bill Braunlich said.

The college’s Health and Safety Committee also wanted to eliminate any spitting or chewing of tobacco products, Tim Bennett, vice president of Business Affairs and treasurer, said.

“It’s fine with me, but I don’t do any of those,” Board Chairman Bill Bacarella said.

Randy Daniels, vice president of Student and Information Systems, said people have been receptive to the smoking ban and that disciplinary actions will be dealt with in the same way as the ban on smoking.

The use of tobacco products will be banned from all locations on campus, including vehicles in the college’s parking lots.