Spring classes have pros and cons

Tired of not getting a parking space or having to stalk people out to their cars to get one? Well then, maybe you should take spring classes at MCCC.

Spring Classes may sound great to those who don’t have a lot of time to get an education with smaller classes, more parking spaces available, and a short time frame.

The only problem is, it’s a much faster pace with all the work of sixteen weeks crammed into only six weeks. With all the work of sixteen weeks, some classes require more work but less production for the same amount of money.

Registration started March 15, but you still have some time to register before Spring semester starts May 17. I would hurry before the class you want fills up.

“Almost every semester, among the first to fill up are online classes,” Registrar Paul Schmidt said.

If online classes don’t interest you, many of the general education classes such as English and Science are also among the first to fill up.

Class sizes are smaller because fewer people take spring classes. Average class sizes for lecture classes are 30-35 people, but it varies by class type.

There are 104 classes to choose from this spring, not including the few summer classes. It is a pretty good selection for a short amount of time.

According to the Data Record, after the drop period last spring we had 1,624 students enrolled. It was not an all time high, but still pretty good for only a six week semester.

So whether you’re on a tight schedule and work full time or just want to take a few classes, the Spring Semester is an overall good idea. It will definitely test you on your procrastination.