Volunteers needed for new Habitat builds

Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County could use a helping hand.

Beginning in May, two new builds are scheduled and volunteers are needed to help.

Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County have helped over 150 people by building simple, affordable homes.

Worldwide, Habitat for Humanity volunteers have helped over 1 million people.

Volunteers do not have to have special skills or be construction workers to help build the houses. People with all skill levels are welcome to come out and help the community.

Volunteers are needed in construction, helping prepare families for homeownership, raising money to build more houses, and connecting the organization with church communities.

Groups as well as individuals are welcome to volunteer and partner with Habitat in the home building process.

According to Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County’s Web site, Habitat “provides an opportunity for people from many walks of life to take a hammer in their hands and work together to provide simple, decent, affordable homes in our community.”

Those who are interested in volunteering can sign up online at by clicking on the “Volunteer Now” button. All opportunities are listed there.

Volunteer days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, May 25—September 11.

Anyone with questions can call 734-243-2048.