Speed Dating Cancellation

Are the students at MCCC too embarrassed to participate in speed-dating?
Student government member Jimmy Frye had planned to create a fun, free activity for the students of MCCC but because only one participant signed up, he was forced to cancel it.
As chairman of the event, Frye was disappointed at the lack of involvement.
“The hope was for a nice, fun activity for the campus, something that was free for students, and it ended up getting canceled,” Frye said. “I canceled it due to lack of participation. We had one woman sign up for it.”
Several things may have played into the collapse of this event – whether students were too busy, self-conscious, or simply unaware of the idea.
“I believe it had more to do with the location of it, because it was supposed to happen in the cafeteria,” Frye said. “Maybe that was a little too out in the open where people would be able to see it going on.”
Spring break also played a role in the downfall.
“We had just come back from spring break so the timing on it wasn’t very good.”
The only promotional method was flyers that were passed around the school.
Frye said these were all things that would be improved should they try again for this event in the future, which is very likely.
“Not this year, next year,” Frye said. “I’m going to try to get this idea going much earlier, probably in the winter semester.”
Improvements in location, timing, and promotion are to be made.
“I think we’re probably going to have it in one of the conference rooms here in the A building instead of the cafeteria,” Frye said.
“Tuesdays between 12:30 and 1:30 no one on campus has classes, so if I can get it within that time frame, I think we might get more participation. Also, I’m going to e-mail everyone around the school.”
“But other than that, I think it’ll be a really fun thing,” Frye said.