Lunch and a live performance

The MCCC dining hall welcomed acoustic musician Kevin House.

The solo performer played his blend of original acoustic music and covers of popular 90’s songs for an hour and a half on Wednesday, March 24.

House said he got into music because of his father, who has been a musician since high school.

“My dad’s been in a band since he was 16,” House said. “And I’ve been playing for about two years now.”

The music he pulls inspiration from is bands that he listened to as a kid and teenager.

“A lot of Rob Thomas, Goo Goo Dolls; a lot of 90’s, basically. It’s what I grew up with,” House said. “80’s too but I like acoustic because it’s more personal than a band, more my style. More than half of what I play is original though.”

MCCC’s Student Government got the performance together, along with the help of Tom Ryder.

“Katie Barth, on Student Government, asked me if I wanted to play so I came in and talked to Tom Ryder about it,” House said.

The student government co-historian met House through House’s girlfriend, April Stahl.

“We went to high school together,” Stahl said. “She’s come over and seen him sing before.”

The performance didn’t gain much popularity due to the location and timing, but the audience that wasn’t preoccupied with meals and homework applauded his talent.

“It was a little awkward because people are eating and whatnot, but it’s somewhere to play,” Stahl said.

Despite the busyness of the crowd, House said he would love to play at the campus again.