Board of Trustees to consider tuition Monday night

A tuition increase for MCCC students will be considered at the Board of Trustees meeting Monday night.

The board’s Strategic Financial Planning Committee has prepared a presentation regarding the college’s Tuition and Fees Policy. 

 “Simply put, the Trustees will decide what the tuition rate is going to be in the Fall,” President David Nixon said.

Fifty-five percent of the college’s revenue comes from property taxes, and property taxes are declining, said Board Chairman Bill Bacarella.

“If they decline significantly, the college’s financial situation will deteriorate,” he said. “We will either have to cut expenses or raise tuition.”

Because of the proposed revision, printing of the Fall class schedule was delayed.  It originally was scheduled to go to press on March 16, Director of Marketing Joe Verkennes said.

A decision on the tuition rate is needed to meet the publishing deadline for the Fall schedule, Nixon said.

The schedules will be sent to the printer on the morning of March 23, so that revisions made by the board this Monday can be included.

The schedules are expected to arrive on campus close to the time of Fall registration or shortly after, Verkennes said.  An e-mail will be sent to employees and students when the schedule is available on WebPal.