MCCC honors Zarb’s hard work

Her coworkers call her, “the queen of customer service.”

Connie Zarb, administrative assistant to the director of Institutional Advancement, received the first ever Enriching Lives Employee Performance Award.

The Enriching Lives Award is available monthly to co-worker-nominated full-time and part-time employees, adjunct faculty, and student assistants at MCCC.

Zarb lead the project to start the STARS Online Scholarship system.

“I enjoyed doing it,” she said. “I love working with computers, but initially setting it up was difficult, because there were so many steps to take.”

Amanda Bennett, coordinator of Annual Giving and Alumni Affairs, nominated Zarb, her coworker.

“I nominated Connie because, since I’m new, I have a lot of questions, and no matter what she’s doing, she always stops to help me,” Bennett said. “She has gone above and beyond to help me; she never says she’s too busy.”

Connie Buick, another of Zarb’s nominators, also works in the office of Institutional Development with Zarb.

“We’re one of the first offices people come in when looking for someone,” Buick said. “Connie will always help them find where they need to be, and sometimes even walk them there. She’s the queen of customer service.”

Zarb started working at MCCC six-and-a-half years ago as a temporary employee. She worked her way up by starting as a student assistant, moving to part time employee, and on Oct. 1, becoming a full-time employee.

“I love my job,” Zarb said. “It’s diverse. I do anything from taking notes at board meetings, reading scholarship applications, to writing checks.”

“We have a good group (in the office). We all work as a team and support one another. It’s a lot of fun.”

Seven years ago Zarb was a student at MCCC, and now she is an award winner.

“It was neat to progress to where I am now with the help of the people around here,” she said.