MCCC students forming car club

MCCC is on its way to having a car club.

Two MCCC students, Brett Rossio and Chris Peruski, are taking their love of classic American cars and turning it into a club.

“The college does not have any sort of car club, so I think this will be a good addition to the extracurricular activities that students will be able to get involved in,” Peruski said.

Rossio and Peruski have shared their interest for classic American cars since their days at Monroe High School, but they each had an interest in cars years before they met.

Once Rossio entered MCCC, he realized the college was missing a place where students could come together and talk about cars.

Rossio talked about his idea to start a car club with Peruski. The two brainstormed about what the club’s focus would be and what club members would do. They decided the club’s name will be Octane.

The rules are simple: club members need to have an American vehicle that has a V8 engine.

“The big thing is representing American muscle. This is an all-American club,” Rossio said. “We can’t stand foreign cars.”

However, members can still join if they do not own a classic car.

Rossio owns a 1966 Ford Mustang with a V8 engine, which he bought last fall.

I’ve always liked cars, but I’ve really started getting into muscle cars probably about three or four years ago,” Rossio said.

Peruski owns a 1994 Mustang GT Convertible with a V8 5.0 liter high-output 302.

“I have had an interest in cars ever since I can remember,” Peruski said. “I don’t know why, but something about how they moved and worked and how there are so many different types fascinated me, and ever since then I have loved cars.”

The club is still forming, and Peruski and Rossio are looking for an advisor. So far, the club has about six or seven confirmed members. They hope to have had their first meeting by early to mid-April.

Most club activities will occur during warm seasons, so the classic cars will not be affected by snow and cold.

Rossio said that during the summer, the club will focus on going to car shows, and fundraising will be done throughout the year.

“I think with this car club we can host a car show or two over the summer and possibly raise some money for a local charity,” Peruski said.

Rossio and Peruski are hoping the club will bring sponsorship to the college as well as to local car companies.

“We want people to start buying American,” Rossio said. “This is America, buy American. It’s what we really, really want.”

Students who are interested in joining Octane can contact Brett Rossio at 734-770-8906, or Chris Peruski at 734-625-7112.