Learning Bank holds grand opening

 Who wouldn’t want to do something great? The founders of the Learning Bank were able to; they created an opportunity to give individuals a second chance.
 The Learning Bank is a secondary school allowing students, who dropped out of high school, a chance to come back and achieve their GED and allow themselves a chance at a better education and in the future a better job. It hopes to enable people a way to achieve what they may never have had the chance to do.
The grand opening for the Learning Bank was Friday, Feb. 6, at the Arthur Lesow Community Center. The new school is located next to the Center in an old Monroe Bank and Trust branch located on Eastchester Street in Monroe, MI.
Even though the grand opening just happened, classes for the school were able to open back in the fall taking residence at the Center; the official building was still not finished. Not wanting to waste any time, officials started the classes, allowing as many students as they could fit to come join and share the experiences of something great, that they were just beginning to create.
The Grand Opening was first held at the Community Center, with quite heartwarming speeches. The audience got to hear of all the hard work that the founders put in to give these students a chance at a better life, and then stories of the difficulties the students faced and how thankful they were to have a school like this that was so willing to help them.
The crowd turned teary as a former student went up and told her story. She told of how she was so thankful for the opportunity she was given, and of how welcome the teachers and staff made her feel. The accommodating scheduling the school offers was a great help, as well as the hope filled community that supported her.
“It’s about becoming a model not just for the rest of the state, but for the rest of the country”, said Learning Bank Coordinator Vuncia Council, who spoke at the Ceremony.
Council’s speech was emotional and inspiring as she got the crowd’s attention, speaking of her wishes of how far she saw this community growing. She talked of dreams in seeing this country bettering itself, and how the ‘we’, and the Learning Bank is the start of moving forward. Other speakers included Dr. Nixon, Randy Richardville, Coordinator Josh Meyer, and Trustee Linda Lauer.
The ceremony was then followed by a procession over to the new building, with snacks including cookies and punch.
As it becomes more known, the Learning Bank is continuing to grow and was filled up to its capacity, of 40 students, before the official orientation even took place.
Eight students have already passed half of their required tests this semester, getting closer to gaining their GED daily.