Commercials this year disappoint viewers

“You’re not you, when you’re hungry”. One of the first commercials during the Super Bowl leads off as one of the best; a football scrimmage takes place as a player turns into Betty White and is pummeled, because he hasn’t had his snicker bar yet.
Super Bowl commercials are a favorite, as 51% of viewers tune in each year mainly just for these advertisements. This year they hit an all time high with commercials lasting around 48 minutes and 66 different ones shown. Most commercials were shortened to an average of 15 seconds, instead of the usual 30, in order to fit more in.
 Even though each preview shown is quite pricey, costing anywhere from $2.5 million to $3 million, they are worth it. Over 100 million people are sitting down to watch these commercials. 
A surprise came though this year, when after 23 years, Pepsi sat out for the first time in Super Bowl history.
 Instead of pouring their money into the Super Bowl this year, they started a campaign to promote their “Pepsi Fresh” intuitive. Pepsi plans on donating up to $20 million in grants for health, arts, culture etc. Every month, the company will offer up to 32 grants to worthy projects.
 Overall this year commercials were pretty much a hit or a miss; most of them not living up to the standards of these usually unique and loved commercials. They just weren’t as fulfilling as they have been in the past. One disappointment was when a previous preview advertising a commercial for go daddy was supposed to play during the Bowl, and was left out.
 Some good laughs and chuckles still came; especially from Doritos, having four commercials in this years, 2010 Super Bowl.
 Two of the four include one where a young child tells his mom’s date, as the date reaches for his hand toward a bowl of Doritos, to keep his hands away from his mom and to keep his hands away from his Doritos; it was priceless. Awes and giggles followed. The second being a noise censored shock collar that a dog removes from his neck and places around a guy, as he steals his Doritos. The collar shocks the guy each time he begins to yell for his chips.
 This year wasn’t a complete disappointment as a few other favorites include a Budweiser commercial with a young calf and pony, and a Hyundai with Brette Favre 2020 MVP, and Troy Palamalu seeing his shadow, concluding six more weeks of football.
 The movie previews played, were as always, rewarding. The movies coming out all looked satisfying, ranging from horrors to action and fantasy; they consisted of Alice in Wonderland, Wolfman, Shutter Island, and a few others.