Angel-filled apocolypse fails to impress audience

What happens when the one person that you can turn to when hope is gone, has already lost hope himself? What happens when God wants you dead?
 God has lost faith in mankind and is calling for extermination.
This is description of the new release, “Legion”, sounds pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, this cool idea failed terribly as the movie let down viewers with predictable story lines and a supposedly action film that lacked quite a bit of action. The previews were completely misleading and spoiled many of the exceptional parts.
This new apocalyptic thriller, directed by Scott Stewart and budgeted around $26 million, brought in around $17.5 million its opening weekend. 
Starring Paul Bettany, Lucas Black and Adrianne Palicki, this film had viewers leaving their seats disappointed, as this action film that had created such high expectations did not live up to its “angelic” hype.
The story discussed a world that was more or less dead. People who filled the lands were disheartening, grim, angry and in God’s eyes, pointless.
God’s right- hand- man, Michael the archangel, did not agree with God’s decision, and still having faith in humanity, single- handedly he went to fight off the waves of danger that were being sent to kill an unborn child. Coincidentally, the eight- month pregnant mother of this child and had been planning to put the baby up for adoption, and, sadly, did not want anything to do with the kid.
The apocalypse was coming, and God was sending his legion of angels to destroy the humans. The hope of the human race lied in the hands of a small abandoned town, where the depressed mother, unborn baby, and few others were currently located.
First of all, the movie is not very realistic, as it is very unlikely that god would be unable to overcome this group of around 6 ordinary people and a fallen angel. It is even more unlikely that this huge army of possessed human bodies and angels would ever give up when the odds were in their favor.
 It’s just not too believable that a whole army can’t fight off a group of inexperienced fighters to kill a baby the mother doesn’t even care about.
Even though such a great story idea had been created, it unfortunately failed as many questions throughout the movie were left unanswered. The many promised fight scenes extinguished quickly, never happened or were quite unfulfilling. 
With the graphic and detailed deaths and cool ideas, the movie had great potential and perhaps if extended from its hour and a half time length, the movie could have developed into something awesome.