Enhancement grants awarded to college groups

 Eleven enhancement grants were awarded Thursday to employees and students at MCCC.

 The grants, totaling $20,000, came from the MCCC Foundation’s Enhancement Grants Program.

 The program helps faculty, staff, and students by providing funding for innovative projects that support MCCC and enrich or improve the quality of education for students.

 This year, the Foundation Board of Directors allocated $20,000 for the enhancement grants. Grant applicants requested $29,100, in amounts ranging from $250 to $3,000.

The grant committee is made up of two Foundation directors, Jean Guyor and Susan Miller, Dr. John Holladay, professor of English and Philosophy, John Joy, dean of Corporate and Community Services,  and Chris Sims, administrative assistant to the manager of Information Systems. 

The following grants were funded:

 Cheryl Johnston and Dr. William McCloskey were awarded $2,200 for The Humanities Experience: Art and Theater. The grant will cover the cost of students attending two plays in Stratford, Ontario, during a two-day field trip in Fall 2010. In the winter, students also will attend Wayne State University’s Hilberry Theatre.

 Dr. Joanna Sabo was awarded $2,200 for an International Relations class trip to the Canadian Parliament Hill. The grant will cover student travel expenses to Ottawa, Canada, in April to study the Canadian government and tour Parliament.

“I was very pleased that the Foundation awarded our grant to visit the Canadian Parliament,” Sabo said. “Many students could not afford to attend if they had to pay all the expenses. It will be wonderful for all of us to learn more about our neighboring country’s government.”

“I have been a great supporter of the Foundation’s grant program, as it is a sensational way for donors’ contributions to have a direct effect on students’ learning.” 

 Kathy Shepherd was awarded $2,000 for a Math and Science Society field trip to Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. The grant will cover expenses for  MSSS to experience science and engineering first hand as it relates to the space program.

 Chef Kevin Thomas and the Club Culinaire officers were awarded $2,000 for a trip to Boston.  The grant will cover expenses for the club to experience the area’s rich history both of food and American culture. They will also have the opportunity to dine in nationally acclaimed restaurants,  tour historic sites and meet with renowned chefs.

 Tiffany Wright was awarded $2,000 for early childhood development students to attend the annual Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children conference in Grand Rapids in March. The grant will cover conference workshops in various topics within the field of early childhood.

 Dan Shaw and Jennifer Niswender, Agora Editor, were awarded $2,000 for the National College Media Spring Convention in New York City in March. The grant will cover travel expenses along with convention costs. The convention will feature nationally recognized speakers and workshops targeted at college journalism students.

 Bonnie Boggs was awarded $2,000 for Respiratory Therapy student teams to compete in the Michigan Society for Respiratory Care “Sputum Bowl.” The grant will cover the competition in Kalamazoo in March.  It is a trivia competition similar to a college quiz bowl.

 Don Kehrer and Tom Harrill were awarded $2,000 for an SAE Electric Vehicle project. The grant covers the purchase of 20 Advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries to power the existing Formula SAE car. Students will gain “up close and personal” experience with design, construction and service of electric vehicles.     

 Tom Ryder was awarded $1,500 for Student Government’s Family Fun Night. The grant will cover the cost of the event and supplies needed for the carnival type event. It is a community event that includes games, giant inflatables, a magician, face painting, and other activities. The event usually brings in an estimated 1,000 people.

“It is wonderful that the college has the Foundation and that they offer the grant awards program. Without it, so many great programs would not happen,” Ryder said.

“I am honored that the Grants Committee selected Family Fun Night, as this is a great event for the students, staff and community who have young children.”

Barry Kinsey was awarded $1,500 for the Ambassadors Society. The grant will cover the cost to create an Ambassadors Society at MCCC. It will be a group of students who assist in the attraction and registration of non-traditional students. 

 Sandy Kosmyna was awarded $600 for Lunch and Learn at the Whitman Center. The grant will cover costs to support a Lunch and Learn program from March 2010 to February 2011. It will finance  displays and guest speakers addressing issues that enhance and enlighten the career development of students.