Enrollment record shattered this Winter

Record enrollment busied MCCC’s slush-covered campus this Friday, the first day of Winter classes.

The start to the Winter semester differs from the Fall.

“There are only about 400 new students in the Winter compared to about 1,300 in the Fall,” Vice President of Student and Information Services Randy Daniels said. 

Even though there are fewer new students in the Winter semester, college employees have been busy preparing for students to begin classes.

The extra work was brought on by another semester of record-breaking enrollment at MCCC.  The first day of classes brought almost 300 more students than enrollment from the 2009 Winter semester, Registrar Paul Schmidt said.

Randy Daniels felt the impact on the first day of classes.

“We’re busy,” he said.  “We are in the heat of getting started with late adds, changes, and drops, especially with the record enrollment.”

Several students have been using the services provided by the college to help with the beginning of a new semester.

When the Admissions office offered walk-in counseling, a large number of students showed up. Daniels volunteered to council students himself.  He said the counselors were swamped, so he stepped in to help.

“All offices are busy,” Daniels added.

As for student services, there are fewer orientation activities for new students in the Winter semester than in the Fall.

“We certainly don’t have as many new students in the Winter,” Daniels said. “There is one student orientation session in the Winter compared to four or five in the Fall.”

The winter weather also affects the types of student activities and events held on campus.

“The Winter is more serene,” Daniels said.  “It’s more laidback than the Fall.”

Despite the growing number of students, cold weather, and the laidback atmosphere of the winter, students should expect the same amount of service from college employees.

“We provide affective and personal service for students,” Daniels said.  “I think everybody’s done a fantastic job of helping students get where they need to be for this semester.”

 The enrollment comparison with last year on the first day of class for the Winter semester.

                                               2009               2010

Headcount                          4,263             4,544          + 6.6 %

Credit Hours                     36,887             41,003        + 11.1 %

Billable Contact Hours      —–                46,451      

Source:  Registrar Paul Schmidt