MCCC exploring sports

Some students feel as if they are missing out on activities that a larger college or university might offer.

“My sister and I could have gone away to play college ball but we decided to stay in Monroe for personal and financial reasons,” MCCC student and volleyball club member Amy Terrasi said.

“I love it. I love the teachers, and I’ve learned so much, but I miss the sports.”

Terrasi, her twin sister and two other MCCC students spoke to the Board of Trustees last April requesting support for the sports clubs at the college.

Board members, as well as the Alumnus of the Year, donated a total of $4,000 to help with the sports clubs.

The conditions were that the students who requested help would organize a survey to establish whether or not the student body is interested in paying for sports clubs.

To help the sports clubs progress, the Trustee Sports Committee was established after that board meeting.

“The committee is charged with building and improving club sports on campus and studying the feasibility of Varsity Intercollegiate Sports returning to the MCCC Campus,” Sports Committee Chairman Linda Lauer said.

Lauer is the newest Trustee on the Board.  Reinstating athletics was part of her campaign to become a board member.

She said she appreciates the support that athletics has received from the other Board members.

“Thanks is owed to Bill Bacarella, chairman of MCCC Board of Trustees, for appointing this committee and putting the resources of the college behind this effort,” she said.

The Trustee Sports Committee has discussed the best way to survey the students at MCCC.

Vice President of Student and Information Services Randy Daniels said that the Board subcommittee decided to have a professional survey done. 

He added that because of his position, he was chosen to research professional surveying organizations.

Through his research, Daniels found the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) organization.  He said the survey would ask students appropriate and unbiased questions.

“It’s a great survey.  The results will be normed with students across the nation,” he said.  “Hopefully we’ll get answers to our questions.”

This survey will be used to determine more than just whether or not students are interested in paying for sports clubs.

Lauer said it will focus on all different aspects of education and campus life.

The CCSSE won’t start surveying students at the college until the winter semester.

While details are still being worked out for the survey, others efforts have been made to support the clubs.

The Sports Community Committee was formed.  It currently has about 30 members, Lauer said.

“So many people came forward.  They were enthusiastic and wanted to help,” she said. “Some were former graduates who wanted to see athletics come back.”

These committees, along with sports club members, are working together to try to get the sports clubs started again this fall.

Daniels said that the club members have had a hard time organizing practice times because of students’ busy lives.

“They’re doing other activities.  They’re time poor,” he said.  “One student’s schedule doesn’t necessarily match with other students’ schedules.”

Although participating in the sports clubs adds to her busy schedule, student Amy Terrasi said any clubs, especially sports clubs are a good outlet for students.

Terrasi attended the Student Government Welcome-Back-BBQ to promote the Volleyball club. 

Lauer was also there to meet students and answer any questions they might have.

Lauer said that they have been trying to do an informal survey asking students if they would be willing to pay 25 dollars a semester to build clubs at MCCC.

“That would probably raise $100,000 a school year, which could certainly support sports clubs,” she said.

Lauer added that students were asking about other sports clubs such as basketball and golf.

“If any other students are interested in starting a new sports club they should contact Tom Ryder for information in how to establish their club,” she said.

Interested students can call Student Activities Coordinator Tom Ryder at 734-384-4201 or e-mail him at tryder@monroeccc.edu.

Students interested in joining one of the current sanctioned sports clubs (volleyball, soccer, or bowling) should contact the club advisors.

“I’d certainly love to see sports grow and be successful,” Daniels said. “I’d love to take some of the students to the Board meeting in October. and say we played at three different colleges and had fun doing it.”



Contact information

Bowling Club
Club coach Rebecca Keegan:

Soccer Club
Club advisor Allan Thom:
(734) 384-4266

Volleyball Club
Club adviser Ted Vassar:
(734) 384-4159