Agora Chorale gains new leader

The MCCC Agora Chorale concert, held on Oct. 19, was the first concert conducted by Catherine Brodie, the choir’s newest conductor. She took over the position after John Tyner, the previous conductor, retired.
“As choir members we are all very motivated by Mrs. Brodie; I absolutely adore her,” Jessica Werstein, member of the Agora Chorale, said. “She is different in the sense that she has a lot of energy, and she is very passionate.”
Some changes are in store for the Agora Chorale.
“Mrs. Brodie is pretty good,” Emilio Ramos, member of the Agora Chorale, said. “She prefers a slightly different musical style.”
“I know that Mr. John Tyner’s are big shoes to fill,” Laurel Gregory, member of the Agora Chorale, said. “So I hope Mrs. Brodie will have an easy transition into the director’s position this year and continue to bring a well-rounded musical selection to our audiences this year.”