Dr. James DeVries’ Comments to Board of Trustees – Dec. 2, 2009

Dear Trustees,

     Some concern has been raised about the pending contract renewal for David Nixon.  I believe that David Nixon’s contract is not the real matter at hand. To reframe the issue: what this is really about is the Board’s manifest dyfunction. The specific matter on which you will deliberate latter tonight signifies a style of operation that is very disturbing. Barron’s Law Dictionary defines “Diligence: attention to the matter at hand. DUE DILIGENCE or REASONABLE DILIGENCE is that diligence which is required by the circumstances, the rendering of which prevents liability for negligence.” (Barron’s, 1984, p. 133) You need to re-evaluate the President in light of the HLC Report which is forthcoming, and in light of any collective statement that the Monroe County Community College Faculty Association may decide to make. You do not have before you at this time all of the information that is pertinent and has bearing on your decision. Anything less than postponement I believe borders on negligence and more important violates the public trust. If you move ahead later this evening with your intent, I as a lifelong employee of the College and a taxpaying, law-abiding citizen of the County point my finger at you and say SHAME, shame on you.


James DeVries